Duh come out on Thursday and vote for my look on the runway!!

But mostly just come, ‘cause the show is going to be amazing!! Got a sneak peak with Sue Bonde today and I’m so impressed with everyone’s looks!! Not to mention the senior collections - so good. And ya’ll know I don’t false promote. Hope to see you there!!
O and ps: use code pfwperks for 20$ off your tickets xo (at Pioneer Courthouse Square)

concepts \\
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And more techpacks #fw15 (at Fred Meyer Stores Corporate Office & Headquarters)

Techpack techpack techpack #fw15

#tbt that distressed tote from #upcycled #leather
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Don’t forget we’ll be at Coffee Time this Sunday @ 4pm!
We’re excited to discuss recent events such as @portlandapparellab and @portlandfashionweek #FOTS along with upcoming events ( @fashionxtonline & #PFW )

See you Sunday!!

FW15 Development

Playtime //
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New and improved job title.
Please excuse the poorly designed card - I promise I had no input. (at Fred Meyer Stores Corporate Office & Headquarters)

Obsessed with royal blues // new cross-body bag // upcycled leather // rachaelkranick@yahoo.com for custom orders
#Rachaelkranickdesigns #portlandfashion (at rachaelkranick.com)

Magic crystal from when I was a little girl

A tacky ad featuring some of the tops I’ve spent the past 6 months developing @ Fred Meyer

#regram @portlandisfine It’s time for our August meet up!! There’s been so much going on this summer I hope ya’ll can make the time to stop by Tilt on NW 13th @ Everett St. P:FINE will be there Sunday August 10th at 4 PM to try out some happy hour treats and chat about what’s new in local fashion. Bring a friend and bring some business cards and we’ll see you on Sunday! #portlandfashion #pfine @tiltitup @jakobography (at TILT)

Of course theyre for sale!!! Perfect for #summer #festivals or #vacation #coverup over your #swimsuit
As seen @ #oregoncountryfair #Rachaelkranickdesigns #portlandfashion
etsy.com/shop/Rachaelkranick (at rachaelkranick.com)

Needed a summer cardigan. So I made one #Rachaelkranickdesigns #portlandfashion